Our Purpose and more

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Our Purpose

The purpose of the Central Bucks Athletic Association (CBAA) is to provide and encourage sports-related activities to the youth between the ages of 2 and 18 in the Central Bucks and Montgomery County community. CBAA will, through these sports activities, promote sportsmanlike competition, provide training in each sport sponsored, and hence offer a recreational alternative to drugs, alcohol and juvenile delinquency.

Who We Are

Founded in 1973, the Central Bucks Athletic Association offers recreational and travel soccer, basketball and lacrosse programs to the youth of Central Bucks County, PA. CBAA is a non-profit, charitable organization. Athletic activities will be organized, funded and coached through all volunteer efforts. All monies derived through fees, donations or fund raising shall be used to offset expenses associated with the conducting and encouraging of sports activities.

Our Philosophy

CBAA shall operate in such a way as to encourage maximum participation so that all boys and girls are provided opportunity to compete regardless of abilities or talents. Participation in athletic events of CBAA will be without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, sex or financial status.

Financial Aid Available

We recognize that the cost of our sports programs can be a burden to some families and we do not want to deny any child the opportunity to play because of financial hardship. Our fees are based on our costs, and we are keeping them as low as possible while maintaining the Association in a sound financial condition. We can provide financial aid to a family which requires assistance. Please speak privately to a CBAA officer contact an officer directly by email.

Join Us

All CBAA members are invited to come to the CBAA board meetings. We welcome your participation, feedback, and suggestions for our programs. CBAA Board Meetings are the fisrt Monday of each month.

Occasionally the meetings are re-scheduled if a number of board members are unavailable or if the Lahaska Room is reserved for some other event.

If you are interested in attending, please confirm the scheduled date and time for the meeting you wish to attend by emailing