College Fit Finder

Meet our New Partner

UpdatedThursday December 20, 2018 byBecky Barlow.

College Fit Finder

CBAA and Buckingham United are thrilled to announce a new service we have been awarded. Our Club was fortunate enough to be granted a scholarship through our partner, United Soccer Coaches for College Fit Finder. Their mission is “to provide a full spectrum of progressive solutions for high school student-athletes and their families to combat the obstacles faced during the recruiting process.” In other words, this amazing service usually priced at $4,200/year will be available for free to all of our club members for a year to ease the daunting process of finding the right fit for continuing education. 

One of the great things about College Fit Finder is the versatility it offers. This is not specific to student-athletes who want to continue as student-athletes at the collegiate level. Their system and resources can be used for everyone to find the best fit for them as they move from high school to college. With that being said, College Fit Finder can be very complex and can assist student-athletes and their families with putting together all the tools necessary to reach college coaches. This includes but certainly is not limited to video editing through YouTube, building a “favorites” list, publishing team printouts for tournaments/showcases and individual profiles to be sent to coaches.

The next steps for the Club will be to line-up a meeting with College Fit Finder where they will demo their software and discuss how to maximize their service. Once that date is set we will be sure to communicate it immediately so we can begin to take full advantage of College Fit Finder.

We want to do our part in ensuring future success for all of our Club members and are very confident that this service will go a long way in placing our young adults in environments where they can be comfortable thus allowing them to highlight their amazing talents.